Analox’s CX Team organises a thrilling evening at Level X, Middlesbrough for all employees as part of the company’s commitment to excellence.

Abby Jackson-Keenan
Abby Jackson-Keenan

Marketing Coordinator

At Analox, Customer Excellence is something we are dedicated to advancing and is considered in our daily operations. Our CX (Customer Excellence) Team was formed to better understand our customers, both internal and external, offering ‘excellence as standard’.

Our fantastic CX team, made up of employees from a range of areas across the business, arranged an evening at Level X in Middlesbrough. There was bowling, go karting and mini golf for the team to enjoy. Our extensive growth plans have allowed for us to expand our team welcoming some new faces to Analox, so doing activities like this is a brilliant opportunity for everyone to socialise outside of their usual teams and working environment. 


Catherine Dowson, our Defence Account Manager and a vital member of the CX team was handed the reins of organising this activity. We asked Catherine why she chose Level X as a venue and the importance of these initiatives:

"I chose Level X as it offered a range of activities so there was something there for everyone to enjoy, I think I'll definitely have to add on karaoke next time! It was great witnessing friendly competition between colleagues and helping break the ice with newer employees. Engaging in activities outside of work is very important, as they help start relationships but also strengthen existing ones. I look forward to hearing everyone's feedback and planning the next social event."


We also received some positive feedback from the attendees;

“Regarding the night, it was really good, fun activities, a really good turnout and a good mix of staff.”

“Level X was a great experience. I think the fact we weren't always in the same exact teams made it better as you socialised with colleagues outside your daily groups. It was also extremely fun, my favourite was go karting, but the others were just as good and I feel like there was something there everyone could enjoy. Thanks to Catherine and everyone involved and who came along it was a good laugh.”

“Really good night even though I came last in my karting heat and my bowling game was terrible until I got 2 strikes in a row on the tenth bowl!”

An all-round enjoyable experience – we are looking forward to planning more in the future so be sure to keep an eye out to see what exciting stuff we get up to!

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