International Women’s Day

Celebrating women’s achievements around the globe. 

At Analox we have some amazing women working for us, and today we take a moment to celebrate them. 

So we thought we’d proudly share a few of our amazing women’s stories to gain a better insight into the day-to-day at Analox. 

We asked what they do, what it’s like to work in the manufacturing industry, and if they have any stand-out moments they’d like to share…

Kerry, Contracts Manager
Hi, I’m Kerry and I work in the Military team. I’ve worked at Analox for almost 14 years and seen many changes. I wear multiple hats at Analox; I’m the Contracts Manager working on anything from military sales contracts which incorporate UK Defence Contracting Terms (DEFCON’s) or US FAR’s and DFARS (Defence Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) and ensuring that contracts are delivered to our customers compliantly; Legal Counsel ensuring that we are legally compliant in the way we operate; internal auditor ensuring that we comply with our business processes, and most recently Mental Health Champion setting up the Wellbeing Team and ensuring that the wellbeing of the Analox Team is considered in every aspect of what we do.

Michelle, Offline Marketing Manager
I’m Michelle and I work in the Marketing team. I’ve worked at Analox and in manufacturing for 22 years and my greatest achievement was organizing an international exhibition for the submarine community. Hosted in Newcastle, it allowed Analox to demonstrate to visitors from around the globe that we are a solid supplier within the industry and it also helped showcase the North East of England as an excellent base for manufacturing organizations.

Emma, Managing Director
I’m Emma, and I am the Managing Director for Analox and I’ve been with the business for almost 16 years (yes, I am now getting old!).  I started out life at 18 in the manufacturing team which I absolutely loved, and this eventually led to me being the Operations Director for the business for 7 years which was great fun albeit very intense and stressful at times!  I would recommend as many women as possible get into the manufacturing and technology world because there are great career opportunities with the right companies, there is never ever a dull moment, the people are brilliant and let’s face it, the world needs to be balanced!

Nicky, HR Administrator
Hi, I’m Nicky and I work within the HR team at Analox. I deal with a vast array of people in my role and I always find it so inspiring to see how many female senior leaders Analox has in place. In my HR capacity, I am proud to help women achieve their goals in the workplace.

Catherine, Graduate Trainee
I’m Catherine, I have worked at Analox just over 2 years now. Analox and in particular Vicky Pigg helped create a role for me as a Graduate Trainee, so I could experience and help develop critical areas in the business. This allowed me to work in the Operations Department for 6 months to gain a better understanding of manufacturing at Analox. The manufacturing/ operations team were welcoming and patient when teaching me. I look forward to working with them all again. I am very grateful for the opportunities given to me at Analox and pleased I have such strong female leadership guiding me through my role.

Vicky, Managing Direct Military Division
I’m Vicky and I’m responsible for developing Analox’s Military Business Unit over the last 11 years. 

I’m very proud to see how the business has grown, with Defence sales contributing close to 50% of group turnover, and record order intake in 2021 at close to £20m.  We have developed a great portfolio of products for submarine atmosphere monitoring for both routine and emergency operations and continue to invest in our research and development activities. 

We are fortunate to work with some fantastic customers both in the UK and Internationally and work closely to become their partners in the design and in service support of our equipment on these critical platforms. 

This is all the result of the great team of dedicated individuals I work with, both male and female – those with a genuine interest in learning something new every day and ready to face a new challenge. 

As a UK SME designing and manufacturing goods in the UK, I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved in our sector and look forward to the future.

If you’re interested in a role within the technology and manufacturing industry, take a look at our careers page.

Analox International Women's Day