Ax60+ CO2 sensor
Ax60+ CO2 Sensor
Ax60+ CO2
AX60+ Co2 Sensor Splash Guard
Ax60+ CO2 sensor
Ax60+ CO2 Sensor
Ax60+ CO2
AX60+ Co2 Sensor Splash Guard

AX60+ CO2


The Analox Ax60+ CO2 sensor uses advanced Nondispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology to measure CO2 levels and ensure workplace safety.

If you have CO2 on site, having a CO2 safety monitor is crucial.

  • Compatible with any of our other types of sensors in the Ax60+ range. Oxygen (O2), Kiosk sensor, Cultivate sensor and carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Compatible with the rest of the Ax60+ range
  • Quick connect or Direct connect installation options
  • 5 year carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor warranty

Industries who use the Ax60+ CO2 for CO2 safety monitoring:

beverage industry icon


Breweries, Wineries, Dispense

hospitality industry icon


Pub Cellars, Walk-In Coolers, Bars, Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Stadiums, Shopping Malls, Theatres

laboratory icon


Research Labs, University Labs, Medical Labs

medical industry icon


Hospital Clinics

Construction icon


Fire Suppression CO2 Safety

Gas Manufacturing & Blending icon


Gas Manufacturing & Blending

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Each Ax60+ unit is scalable to meet the specific needs of the customer. Up to four analyzing sensors can be networked with the central monitoring station. The units can monitor for CO2, O2, CO or a combination of these gasses providing the flexibility most establishments need. Each sensor can handle up to four alarm units which respond with audible and visual indicators when the alarm setting is triggered.


Modular System

If your requirements go beyond a single CO2 sensor or if your business is poised for future expansion, the Ax60+ Modular System presents an ideal expansion solution for your gas sensing setup with the ability to monitor CO2, O2, CO or a combination of these.

For example, you work in the brewery industry and you already have a CO2 sensor in place for monitoring carbonation during beverage production. While CO2 sensors are critical for monitoring the levels of carbon dioxide released during the fermentation and carbonation processes, integrating an O2 sensor into the system offers additional layers of safety and efficiency.

In the brewing industry, monitoring oxygen levels is crucial during various stages of brewing. In specific fermentation processes, maintaining precise O2 levels is essential for yeast propagation and overall product quality. Integrating O2 sensors provides data to optimize these conditions and ensure consistent brewing results.

In this industry-specific use case, expanding the sensor system beyond CO2 to include O2 sensors offers a comprehensive approach to safety and quality control, addressing specific challenges and requirements within the brewery’s production processes.

For more information please visit the Ax60+ Page.



The CO2 sensor provides valuable information to the Central Display Unit that can be used to solve a multitude of customer problems. Using the data provided, you can improve things such as occupational safety in lots of different industries to ensure worker safety, energy efficiency in HVAC systems and process control in manufacturing or research environments,

The Ax60+ CO2 benefits from the ability to operate as a single sensor and alarm or as part of a system of up to 4 sensors. Each system can also be composed of Ax60+ CO2 sensors, Ax60+ O2 sensors and Ax60+ CO sensors to meet your requirements.


The Ax60+ CO2 is suitable for multiple industries such as Beverage, Hospitality, Laboratories, Medical and Construction. This wide range of industries makes it the perfect system for any business that requires CO2 safety monitoring.


Ax60+ Legislation

Analox engineers and product designers developed the Ax60+ to meet the diverse safety needs and regulatory requirements mandated by local, state and federal authorities. In the United States, the Ax60+ has been pre-programmed to meet USA regulations with system alarm setpoints for OSHA, NBIC, NFPA and IFC standards. In Europe, the Ax60+ setpoints utilize the EH40 standard. The Ax60+ is also certified by UL.

If you have any other legislation requirements that you wish to discuss, please give us a call.

Optional Extras & Accessories

Its flexibility is what makes it such a good product as it can suit a wide range of requirements each customer may present. There are a multitude of sensors, alarms and strobes you can attach to one CDU (central display unit).

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