Ax60+ O2 sensor
Ax60+ O2 Purple Sensor
Ax60+ O2 sensor
Ax60+ O2 Purple Sensor

AX60+ O2


The Ax60+ O2 sensor is specifically designed for ambient oxygen monitoring, focusing on safety and leak detection, addressing both oxygen depletion and oxygen enrichment concerns.

If you are storing inert gasses or oxygen, you need an oxygen safety monitor.

  • The oxygen sensor can be used with any of our other types of sensors in the Ax60+ range - Carbon dioxide (CO2), Cultivate (CO2 indoor agriculture sensor) and the carbon monoxide (CO) sensor
  • Compatible with the rest of the Ax60+ range
  • Quick connect or Direct connect installation options
  • Graded 5 year oxygen (O2) sensor warranty

Industries who can use the Ax60+ O2

In these environments, oxygen depletion and oxygen enrichment can occur due to various factors, such as the presence of gasses that displace oxygen, ventilation issues, oxygen leaks or chemical reactions. Monitoring oxygen levels is crucial to prevent the risk of hypoxia (insufficient oxygen) or hyperoxia (excess oxygen) and ensure the safety of individuals working in or around these spaces.

It’s important to note that specific regulations and standards may dictate the use of oxygen depletion monitors in certain industries to comply with safety guidelines and protocols.

medical industry icon


Hospital Clinics

Food Manufacture & Production sector icon


MAP, Walk-in coolers and freezers, Cold storage warehouses, Food processing plants

laboratory icon


Research Labs, University Labs, Medical Labs, Testing facilities, Clean rooms, Cryogenic storage areas

Manufacturing icon


Chemical processing plants, Petrochemical refineries, Steel mills, Metal manufacturing facilities



Construction sites, Shipbuilding, Metal fabrication shops

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Fire Suppression


The Ax60+ O2 has the flexibility to be used across many different industries. A few examples can be seen below:

Healthcare settings – In hospitals, laboratories, and medical environments, the Ax60+ O2 excels at monitoring ambient oxygen levels for safety. This is crucial to ensure a safe environment for patients and healthcare professionals.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) – In the food industry, particularly in packaging and storage, the Ax60+ O2 is designed for ambient oxygen monitoring to enhance safety and detect potential leaks in gas storage systems.

Laboratory – Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical – In laboratory settings focused on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the Ax60+ O2 is essential for ambient oxygen monitoring in bioreactors and fermentation processes. This ensures a safe working environment and facilitates early detection of any oxygen-related issues.

By emphasizing ambient oxygen monitoring for safety and leak detection, the Ax60+ O2 provides a reliable solution for industries storing inert gasses or oxygen. This helps maintain a secure environment and allows for timely responses to potential leaks or safety concerns.


A Modular System

Should your needs extend beyond a single O2 sensor or if your business is gearing up for future growth, the Ax60+ Modular System offers an excellent expansion solution for your gas sensing setup. It provides the capability to monitor O2, CO2, CO, or a combination of these gasses.

In the brewing industry for example, precise control of O2 levels is vital for maintaining product quality. However, during fermentation, the production of CO2 is a natural byproduct. Integrating a CO2 monitor alongside the O2 monitor ensures that not only are oxygen levels controlled, but the evolving CO2 concentrations are also monitored. This dual approach is essential for optimizing fermentation conditions and ensuring a safe working environment.

In laboratories, where precision is key, an O2 monitor is indispensable. However, if your laboratory processes involve combustible gasses, the addition of a CO monitor provides an extra layer of safety. Detecting the presence of CO alongside O2 is crucial in mitigating the risk of fire or explosion, ensuring the safety of personnel and the preservation of sensitive experiments.

For more information please visit the Ax60+ Page.


Optional Extras & Accessories

The product’s versatility is a key factor that makes it so popular, as it can cater to a diverse array of requirements presented by each customer. A variety of sensors, alarms, and strobes can be connected to a single CDU (central display unit) should you wish to expand your current Ax60+ setup.

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