As students return to classrooms, Analox Group are playing their part in helping schools to reduce the risk of transmission of viruses such as COVID-19, flu and the common cold.

The importance of returning to normality is now more important than ever, especially for our children’s education and mental health. Building friendships with their peers, having discussions with their teachers and living experiences are what give us our personalities and help develop our futures.

Many staff at Analox (and the rest of the world) have had to change the way they work by adapting to the ‘new norm’. Rearranging workflow and meetings to allow for adequate child care became an everyday occurrence for many. We understand and fully appreciate the need to keep schools open and are doing our best to make this happen. Schools want to keep their students and staff safe and most importantly of all, they want to give their students the education they deserve.

Some viruses can spread through small droplets in the air (the common cold, flu and Covid), so it’s important to ventilate the area, ensuring clean air is passed through, removing the build-up of virus droplets. A well-ventilated area significantly reduces the risk of airborne viruses’ such as COVID-19. We all breathe out CO2, a well-ventilated area will keep the levels of CO2 low and won’t allow it to build up. This is why CO2 is a great indicator of air quality.


air quality monitors in schools

The key to learning anything in life is consistency. Any disruptions to a child’s learning can have a significant impact throughout their lives. We want to ensure that the chance of another outbreak happening and schools closing again is kept to a minimum.

The Group Business Development Manager of Analox Group said “The Air Quality Guardian gives the teaching staff invaluable data on the quality of the air so they can act quickly to improve the ventilation when needed, helping to reduce the risk of airborne viruses’ such as covid spreading. It also provides reassurance in areas that existing ventilation measures are working and the environment is safe for the team and the students”.


Analox is a name you can trust, since 1981, our gas detection units have been used in the deepest depths of the oceans to keep submariners safe, in the highest points in space and everywhere in between. When you think of gas safety, think Analox.

As winter will soon be on us, keeping classrooms warm and only ventilating when absolutely necessary is essential to keeping the environment healthy. This means that windows will be able to remain closed to keep the warmth in, and only need to be opened when the alarm sounds on the Air Quality Guardian. The units also measure the temperature and relative humidity (RH). Analox continued “Temperature and humidity are also critical factors, research from the SAGE Group shows that a virus survives better in colder and drier conditions, so having the windows open permanently can actually have a negative impact.”

By using Air Quality Guardian’s in the classrooms, it gives staff and students true peace of mind that the schools are doing everything in their power to keep open so they can continue to educate the children of the future. By monitoring and managing the air quality you are protecting lives and providing an environment conducive to productivity and health and well being.

The Courier Evening Telegraph in Scotland picked up our article.

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