Our range of wearable gas monitors and detectors are designed especially for people that work in enclosed spaces or are constantly moving between areas that contain a presence of gas.

Having a wearable device on your person that measures ambient gases plays a vital step in keeping you safe from dangerous gas levels.

Attaching a gas detection unit to your person enables you to keep your hands free whilst you work. It eliminates the need to worry about potentially dangerous gas levels so you can concentrate on the job in hand.

If the levels of gas reach a dangerous level, the user will be alerted through a very loud audible alarm, a powerful vibration and high visibility LED’s.

Wearable Gas Monitors

Analox provide the following wearable gas monitoring and detection solutions:

A portable, personal safety monitor for carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment.

A portable, personal safety monitor for both carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment and oxygen (O2) enrichment and depletion.

A compact portable analyzer used as a backup monitor on board submarines and at altitude. The unit can simultaneously sense both oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), whilst providing pressure corrected readings for both.

Fun Fact

Pulsar’s Calculator Wristwatch can be considered as the first consumer wearable device to achieve global success in 2000.

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