Welcome to the Analox Culture Club, where we proudly present two of our internal teams at Analox – the CX Team and the Values Champions.

Both groups are dedicated to enhancing our culture from within and extending our positive impact externally to our customers. Read on to find out who is in the team and why they chose to be a part of this endeavour.



CX Team

 CX Team Logo

In 2019, Analox began a journey to ensure our customers were at the heart of everything we did. A cross functional team was created with a common goal of ensuring Analox offered Excellence as Standard to both our internal and external customers.

The CX Team work on various projects each year, driven by the goal of better understanding our customers. The teams dedication is focused on improving Analox’s offerings and continuously making meaningful enhancements to cater to their needs.

Michelle - Group Offline Marketing Manager

Customer Excellence Champion and Offline Marketing Manager, I am proud to have worked for Analox for over 2 decades. As a company we have developed so much since the 80’s and we continue to do so. I know how valuable understanding our customers are in making a success of the business, along with the willingness to make constant improvements to that relationship. Becoming the Customer Excellence Champion has allowed me to raise awareness of this and assist the Analox team in understanding the internal and external customer journeys.

Amy Clay is a Technical Customer Support Lead at Analox
Amy - Technical Customer Support Lead
I have been at Analox just over a year now. My role in technical support means that I am customer facing every single day.
The customer excellence team always seemed to interest me as it did correlate to my job and how I can personally develop my skills to enhance both internal and external customer satisfaction. It also develops the business into driving and striving for their own growth by making continuous improvements and positive impacts.
Catherine - Defense Account Manager

Joining Analox’s customer service team was driven by my passion for creating positive experiences. I firmly believe that satisfied external customers are a direct result of happy employees. Working on projects that not only help deliver better customer service for business growth but also driving employee satisfaction and empowerment.

Mitchell - Product Manager

As a product manager, I have the privilege of interacting with our customers on a regular basis. I am passionate about understanding their needs, solving their problems and being their voice within the business. This gives me great insight to improve our customers’ experience at key touchpoints with Analox.

Dan Warren is a Trainee Production Engineer at Analox
Dan - Trainee Production Engineer

Part of my role within Analox, and the Operations Team, is solving Production issues and Continually Improving our manufacturing
documentation, ensuring our Production teams job is made as hassle free as possible.

Working within the Customer Excellence team allows me to highlight any issues our internal customers are experiencing, and act as a liaison for the Operations teams as a whole.

Lewis is a Senior Electronics Engineer at Analox
Lewis - Senior Electronics Engineer

I am proud to have worked for Analox for 10 years. I have always tried to keep the customer and end users in mind when making design decisions, especially when their safety is involved.
I really enjoy going to see customers to better understand their applications and how we can help.
I am a member of the CX team to represent the R&D team, using my transferable skills from project engineering to help drive improvement.

Lucy is an Operations Administrator at Analox
Lucy - Operations Administrator

As a relatively new employee at Analox, I was excited to be asked and participate with in the Customer Excellence Team and become a part of this journey.

Our customer relationship, whether internally or externally, is such a big part of the company and to see this develop and enhance the customer experience is something I am passionate about. To see where this goes and how it will help both the company and most importantly, our customers, is something I am looking forward to being a part of.

Values Champions

At Analox, we hold a clear vision for achieving and maintaining Business Excellence. To realize this vision, we believe that cultivating and promoting the right behaviors aligned with our company values are of utmost importance. This is why we created the Values Champions team.

The Values Champions play a vital role in creating a common purpose within our organization and contribute significantly to increased employee engagement, retention, alignment, and productivity. Our aim is to have ‘the best people, performing at their best’, find out more below about why each member of the team wanted to be a part of this endeavour.

Here are the Analox Values:

Analox-Values-Header (2) copy

Leisl is a Graphic Designer and Trainee Marketing Data Analyst at Analox
Leisl - Graphic Designer

Working in the marketing department, I’ve been lucky enough to learn all about marketing strategy and brand management. One of the concepts that deeply resonated with me is the power of brand values. A company that invests in it’s values taps into that potential to create a better culture and a more successful business.

But the main reason I wanted to be a part of this team is because I have personally seen the positive effects of living by your values. Living by your own personal values doesn’t mean that life just becomes simple and easy, if anything it can make life harder… but it’s definitely more rewarding!

Daryl Howe is a Project Management Lead at Analox
Daryl - Project Management lead

As a Project Manager, I work with all functions across the organization and believe being a Values Champion works hand-in-hand to enable me to integrate our Values in to all projects and by extension, functions within the organization. Projects can often have their own cultures, which should be aligned with the broader company culture and values. Being a Values Champion gives me the opportunity to try to make that a reality, whilst also helping Analox to progress.

Catherine - Defence Account Manager

I joined Analox’s Values Champions Team to contribute to the growth of a thriving culture. Committed to elevating Analox’s values and promoting employee well-being, I envision a future where our collective efforts lead to a stronger and more cohesive organization.

Mandy – MTT
Mandy - HR Admin

I became a Values Champion because I believe in what we stand for at Analox.

Having worked in two different departments during my time here, I’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of our business and I’m proud to be part of something so great. I see joining the Values Team as an opportunity to further promote and embody the principles that define us.

By promoting our values, I believe we can enhance the culture we work in, and make it somewhere that everyone can thrive.

Bradley - Production Technician

As a Production Technician at Analox, I have always thought it to be integral to take pride in the place where you work and the work that you do. By becoming an Analox Values Champion, I can make a conscious effort to spread the meaning of the values and show my colleagues all the positive benefits that these values can have, both personally and as a business.

Dan - Stores Operative

I became a Values Champion because I believe in the values that the company upholds. Working as a Stores Operative I get to see people from all departments on a regular basis. Through this I try to practice our values and try to encourage my colleagues to do the same. I’m proud to be part of the company and the values they stand by.

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