Analox has designed, built and supported gas sensing and analyzing solutions for customers all over the world, in markets ranging from Food & Beverage to Submarine Escape and Rescue. Take a look at some of our solutions.

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Safety Gear Store logo

Safety Gear Store Case Study

Safety Gear Store, a renowned specialist in safety equipment including confined spaces, height safety, and gas detection solutions, prides itself on delivering the highest quality products to its clients. As a testament to this commitment, SGS has seamlessly integrated Analox gas monitors into its comprehensive product portfolio.

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Grampian Multiple Sclerosis and Aquanox logos

Grampian MS Therapy Case Study

In 1983, the Grampian MS Therapy Center (GMSTC) opened its doors to improve the quality of life with people who live with multiple sclerosis (MS). Over the years the center has grown and now treats other conditions such as fibromyalgia, cancer, burns and sports injuries.

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James Fisher (JFD) Case Study

When the James Fisher Defence Group (JFD) had a need for continuous breathing air monitoring, the international sub- sea operations and engineering company looked to The Analox Group for help with this unique challenge.

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Divex diver

DiveX Asia Pacific Case Study

When Divex Asia Pacific (DAP) was awarded the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) submarine rescue contract, the company was tasked with finding a better way to monitor the air quality of B-type rescue chambers.

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Cameron Balloons

Cameron Balloons Case Study

Cameron Balloons are the largest manufacturer of hot air balloons in the world. From thermal airships to around the world balloons they are a globally recognized brand.

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HMS Protector

HMS Protector Case Study

HMS Protector is the Royal Navy’s only Ice Patrol Ship. She calls the freezing waters of Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere home and is at sea up to 330 days a year.

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City Dispense

City Dispense Case Study

Analox & City Dispense join forces to bring hassle free installations to their customers.


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Micro Matic Case Study

Selecting a distributor is never easy, but when you sign the right one you create a solid and authentic relationship based on shared goals and values. Analox utilizes this network of distributors to ensure we operate effectively all over the world.

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Air Energy

Air Energy Case Study

The creation of various COVID-19 vaccines was welcome news for many around the globe. However, the process of producing the vaccines and storing them can be dangerous.

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Swan Lake

Swan Lake Case Study

The Birmingham Royal Ballet theatre production of Swan Lake has recently purchased some Analox Ax60+ CO2 analyzers from Safety Gear Store, helping to protect dancers from the effects of dry ice during the show.

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Nitrogen Use Electronics

Nitrogen Usage Case Study

Protecting the process of electronic and mechanical manufacturing from oxidation using nitrogen (N2) ensures a high quality and reliable product, especially with hermetically sealed components.

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DryIce COVID 19 Vaccine

Dry Ice COVID-19 Vaccine Case Study

How Analox are protecting those who are protecting us.

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Joint Services Sub Aqua Diving Centre Case Study

The Joint Services Sub Aqua Diving Centre (JSSADC) located at Fort Bovisands in Devon is the main UK based military recreational diving centre.

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Mitchells & Butlers

Mitchells and Butler Case Study

Mitchells & Butlers protect 44,000 staff members from the dangers of CO2.

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IHC Hytech BV

IHC Hytech BV Case Study

IHC Hytech BV are based in the Netherlands and have over 30 years experience within the diving and hyperbaric markets.

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A26 Case Study

In 2018 Saab awarded Analox a contract to supply gas monitoring systems for the Blekinge-class (A26) of next-generation submarines.

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ACG gas analyser

Analox Training with Swagelok Case Study

Analox Academy offers training courses for users of Analox products to assist with understanding how it works, how to operate it and how to maintain it correctly.

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