A Special Team Brief: Bringing Office and Hybrid Workers Together

Date of publication: 19.09.23

Emma Harbottle, Managing Director at Analox, took advantage of the sunny weather by hosting a very special lunchtime monthly team brief in the car park at our Stokesley headquarters.

Team Brief 1

This outdoor team brief was an ideal opportunity to unite our manufacturing and office-based teams with our colleagues who work in a hybrid setup. As many of the Analox team are hybrid, events such as this special ‘in person’ team brief allows us to maintain strong connections and camaraderie which have always been cherished at Analox.

There was a great atmosphere for the team brief as Emma had some good news to share with the team (sorry, for internal ears only!). It was made even better as the smell of freshly cooked pizza was drifting through the car park…

To celebrate the good news and having everyone together, Emma organized The Pizza Engine crew to come over in their unique fire truck to cook up some mouth watering pizzas for the whole team!

Team Brief 2

As this special team brief came to a close, and The Pizza Engine were ready to roll, a queue quickly formed with lots of happy faces waiting to try some amazing pizza slices.

Team Brief 3

The lunchtime team brief allowed everyone to come together and share the pride in being part of such a dynamic company. It was a reminder that, regardless of our working locations, we are all integral members of the Analox family.


If you’d like to become part of this amazing team, visit the Analox careers page to see what job roles are available: analoxgroup.com/careers


If you would like to book The Pizza Engine, then please follow the link to their social media, or give them a call: 07929018126

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