There’s a natural synergy between the Analox Group and Amron International. After all, the two companies got their start around the same time. Both are multi-generational organizations dedicated to exceptional customer service. Both deliver state-of-the-art products in an industry that demands precision and reliability. And today, four decades later, both companies are run by strong, capable women. 

Alan Harbottle started Analox in 1981 with the corporate goal of supplying equipment for commercial diving activities in the oil & gas sectors. A few years earlier, his friend, Norma Ockwig, had started Amron International Diving Supply, also targeting the commercial diving industry. For those that don’t know, AMRON is “Norma” spelled backwards. 

For more than 40 years, despite the challenges of changing technology, growing competition and being separated by the Atlantic Ocean, the two companies have thrived, expanded, adapted and even undergone generational changes. Alan’s daughter Emma Harbottle, who grew up in and around the company, is now the Managing Director at Analox. Norma’s daughter Debra Ritchie, was named President of Amron International in 2000. 

According to Amron’s Marketing Director Mike Malone, “The two companies are run in a very similar way. There is a sense of friendship and family that has created a natural synergy. It’s interesting that not only have we cycled through multiple generations of products and technology, but we have also seen a second generation of ‘family leadership’ with Emma and Debra taking leadership roles in both companies. These are two very qualified and experienced female leaders who have grown up in the industry and are taking the companies in exciting new directions.”

Today, Amron International is a master distributor for Analox, offering more than 100 Analox products in a diverse range of categories and applications. “My father and Norma built a symbiotic business relationship out of their friendship and the trust between them that started 40 years ago, Analox is pleased to continue and build on the relationship,” Emma recalls.

Over the course of four decades, things happen, Emma pointed out. “It’s how you respond that defines what kind of company you are.” The Managing Director explains that Analox and Amron have developed a unique interactive relationship that means, “We’re going to do whatever it takes to solve and address any issue. We will always find a way to solve any issue.” THAT, she said, is how business relationships last 40 years. 

Over the years, technology has evolved, along with applications and a growing diversity in the range of customers using Analox products. Amron has played a significant role in the expansion of the Analox user base. Amron staff helped Analox receive US Navy approval for its products that are used every day by members of the elite US Navy Diving group. 

According to Mike Malone, “The diverse range of compressed air analytical products offered by the Analox Group means that almost every US Navy diver is impacted and will have used an Analox product at some point in their Navy diving career.”
While the long-term partnership and personal friendships are important, Malone points out that without a good product, a business relationship would not exist. “The quality of the Analox products is exceptional. Analox has the commercial diving world ‘nailed’. Their SDA’s are the most reliable and flexible diving analyzers on the market. We’re proud to be a master distributor for Analox.”

While technology, business environments and economic realities continue to change, strong working relationships don’t, whether you are a master distributor, dealer, single user or equipment supplier. The Analox Group is proud to celebrate four decades of partnership with Amron International and looks forward to future opportunities with this key partner.

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