‘Analox Asks’ Devon About His Time in the Military

Author: Devon Goldstone
Products Lead
Date of publication: 25.06.20

This week is Armed Forces week (22nd – 26th June 2020) and at Analox not only are we proud to supply various defense applications with mission critical gas analyzers, but we also have military veterans employed in some amazing roles within the Group.


So let’s introduce you to Devon ‘Goldie’ Goldstone, our Products Lead at Analox.

Devon QA 1

Devon, tell us about your time in the military, how long did you serve?

9 years.


What was your role?

Infanteer followed by Avionics Technician.


What did that involve?

In the infantry I was a dismount initially then became a Warrior track commander. Did a tour of Iraq and travelled the world. In the REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) I was an Avionics Technician working on the Apache Attack Helicopter.


What was the best thing about being in the military?

Discipline, loyalty, camaraderie. But making a difference and giving myself to a cause entirely made me feel complete.


Best life lesson from the military?

Everyone in the world has the ability to make a difference, the challenge is in being the difference you want to see.


How has your military job helped in your current role at Analox?

The military taught me to trust myself and have the confidence to take the actions required to resolve issues or make improvements. I am a firm believer in assessing the available information then taking decisive action. The British Army made me a change maker.


Do you have any tips for people struggling with mental health?

Yes, I know a great resource called HeadFit, it’s a website designed for defence people but is suitable for everyone to use and helps people keep mentally fit and on top of their game. The website is headfit.org


Any anecdotes you can share?

I serviced HRH Wales’ (Harry) helicopter and once gave him a lift in a minibus.


If your looking for a new career after serving, take a look at our careers page.