National Apprenticeship Week Follow Up 2024

Date of publication: 06.02.24


This week is National Apprenticeships Week, and we are proud to work alongside The Institute of Engineering and Technology and share the positive impact apprenticeships can make.  Here at Analox, we’re proud to champion the growth and development of our apprentices. Connor, one of our talented apprentices,  shares his journey and insights into the world of apprenticeships:


What motivated you to pursue an apprenticeship at this stage in your career or education?

“I never really knew what I wanted to do when I was younger, but when I initially joined Analox within a different team within the business, I began to realise that becoming an Engineer was something I wanted to really work towards.”


How far along your apprenticeship are you now?

“As it stands, I’m currently nearly 2 years into my apprenticeship.”


In what ways do you feel your apprenticeship is contributing to your personal and professional growth?

“I feel like when I joined and started the apprenticeship, I was quite shy. But over the last year, I have become a lot more confident in myself, which helps me massively in both my personal and professional life.”


Have you had the opportunity to work closely with any mentors or supervisors during your apprenticeship? If so, how have they supported your learning and development?

“During my apprenticeship, I have had the privilege to work with colleagues across different teams, and with working with different people, they all have a unique experience from their life that they are more than happy to share with me to ensure my progression in my field is a smooth and comfortable experience.”


How do you balance your time between your work responsibilities and any additional coursework or training requirements for your apprenticeship program?

“Analox is great with this, as I have every Friday if needed to work on assignments and other activities set from college or my assessor.”


Are there any particular skills or knowledge areas you’re eager to develop further as you progress through your apprenticeship?

“At the moment, the knowledge I really want to lean into is Electrical Engineering. I am doing this at college, so just really working towards that final qualification.”


Looking ahead, how do you envision your career path evolving after completing your apprenticeship?

“After my apprenticeship, I want to begin looking at what I might need to progress further with my qualifications so I can become a qualified engineer.”

At Analox, we believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth. Join us in celebrating National Apprenticeships Week and the remarkable journeys of apprentices like Connor!


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