Analox returns to the Cleveland way!

Author: Becca Dodds
Business Development and Marketing Manager
Date of publication: 11.07.19

At Analox, we care about giving, especially when it comes to our local community, which is why our staff are given one day a year dedicated to charity. 

Last week, 8 members of the Analox team assisted the North Yorkshire Moors National Park authority in maintaining the Cleveland Way.

Cleveland Way 2019

The team were repairing a section of the path that was worn out and deteriorating just above the White Horse near Kilburn. The White Horse is a hill figure cut into the hillside in the North York Moors which is about 318 feet long by 220 ft high and covers about 1.6 acres and is said to be the largest and most northerly hill figure in England.

This isn’t the first time Analox has volunteered to work on the Cleveland Way, last year the Analox team worked on replacing a broken gate and sign, maintaining the walkways and cleaning wildlife areas too.

It seems we can’t get enough of the Cleveland Way, as next month, another group from Analox will be assisting the North Yorkshire Moors National Park authority again!

Cleveland Way 2019 2

Well done to the team for all your hard work and best of luck to those who will be volunteering next month.

If you are a charity and need a group of volunteers for the day, we might be able to help! Contact the Analox HR team at