Dry ice demand has dramatically increased due to the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine. At Analox, we knew this meant that dry ice was going to be transported, stored and handled by more people than ever before.

The Facts

👉 Dry Ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2). 
👉 When dry ice warms up, it goes from a solid straight into a gas (CO2), a process called sublimation.
👉 CO2 is a colourless and odourless gas that cannot be detected by human senses.
👉 A small increase in the level of COcan start to have negative effects on the human body.

Analox has worked with CO2 for over 3 decades and has supplied carbon dioxide analyzers to industries such as hospitality, military & laboratories. Ensuring that each product meets industry requirements. 

Current Analox CO2 systems are suitable for use; 

👉 in transport compartments on trucks
👉 at high altitude onboard aeroplanes 
👉 as personal protection to dry ice delivery personnel

Whether you need a fixed or portable analyzer, Analox can provide you with an affordable solution.

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