Join Analox at the Gasworld CO2 summit and be a part of CO2 history!

This virtual conference takes place on 10th February, titled: Leveraging Supply Chains and Circular Economies

The event will bring attendees up-to-date on:

  • Traditional and new sourcing channels
  • Concepts and technologies behind the new circular economies changing the face of the CO2 business
  • The vibrant applications scene that drives such demand

It will also address the ongoing quest for purity amidst this whirlwind of activity.
Analox has a sponsorship booth at this event, with staff on hand to answer your COgas sensing questions, from dry ice applications, to which personal monitor is best for you.

We are excited to listen to all the keynote talks and look forward to networking with everyone during the keynote break out sessions – it will be great to ‘virtually’ see you all!

Visit Gasworld to register your interest.

For more information on Analox CO2 gas detection analyzers, please head over to our dedicated CO2 section.

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