Happy International HR Day!

To celebrate the day we thought we’d introduce you to Analox’s HR team – Julie, our HR Manager and Nicky, our HR Administrator. 



When did you start your HR role at Analox?

I initially joined Analox in 1996 working within the Operations Admin team. As the company was growing, I became the HR Coordinator in 2010 and was subsequently promoted to the HR Manager in September 2011. Following my promotion Analox invested and assisted me in successfully completing my CIPD qualification. 

Why did you choose HR as a career?

I am a real people person. During my time in the Operations Team I was really drawn to helping my peers and that was a big influencing factor on me starting my HR journey. As I progressed into my Managerial role I developed a sense of how important strategic awareness is. As I continue to grow and develop, so does my knowledge and understanding of how the HR team, along with our processes, can really help drive strategic business decisions being made.

What do you love about working in HR?

HR is an extremely challenging profession as every day is different. Ultimately it’s all about improving the employee experience which is really rewarding for me. I get to deal with staff right across the board and from all different departments. I also love the social interactions you can get with other HR professionals, there are so many ways to be able to learn and share your knowledge online – it makes the HR profession a really exciting one to be a part of!

What one piece of advice given to someone looking into HR as a career? 

You have to have the right personality and drivers to succeed in HR. Ultimately, you need to be resilient, have vision and want to act on it, show empathy to all, have an innate amount of patience and most importantly show perseverance. 


Hi Nicky, what role do you play in the HR Team?

I’m the HR Administrator, I started my role in February 2016.

What made you choose a role within HR?

I was made redundant from a recruitment agency and the role at Analox allowed me to utilize my experience while building on my HR knowledge.

So what do you love about working within HR?

Everyday is different. HR is a challenging environment but the work and my role is really varied which is great. One day I could be arranging and sitting in on an interview, the next day I’m sorting lots of Easter Eggs as a gift for everyone.

What 1 piece of advice would you give to someone who is considering a career within HR?

You really need to understand what it is about HR that interests you. From there, take advantage of every opportunity you have to develop yourself within that area. Listen to podcasts, speak to your peers on the likes of LinkedIn – there are so many ways to network now and build yourself a greater degree of knowledge.

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