Location – Atlantic Ocean 
Time – 0800hrs

HMS Tuna is preparing to dive. Since leaving the harbour the weather has worsened and the boat is rockin ‘and rolling to all sides. It’s making life very uncomfortable for the crew, anything that is not tied down is flying through the boat. 

The cook prepared a full English breakfast this morning but some of the crew skipped it because they didn’t feel very well with the movement of the boat. Crewmembers who did come for breakfast needed everything to keep the plates on the table!

Everybody was looking forward to the boat diving and peace being restored. The chief of the boat had made his rounds through the boat and checked every valve that was needed to dive the boat, but also to surface, was in the right position. He also checked that the bilges were pumped and the air banks fully charged. When he was ready with his round and satisfied that the boat was ready to dive he reported to the Mechanical Engineering Officer who would dive the boat.

After receiving the report from the COB that they were ready to dive , the MEO checked the boat once again. When he was satisfied, he reported to the Captain that they were ready to dive. The Captain checked the time and went into the control room. He asked the helmsman to make a pipe, prepare to dive the boat. After hearing this pipe everybody manned their diving stations.

Sonar operators switched on their sets and listened if they could hear any ships around them. The Captain ordered the crew to go to electric engines and shut down the diesel engines. When all stations reported ready to dive, the Captain called the Officer of the watch who was still on the bridge to come down and close the upper hatch. The diving officer reported that the hatch was closed and signalled green. 

Three claxons ordered the Captain to the helmsman. This was the sign to open the main vents so the air could escape from the main ballast tanks. Because these tanks were open on the underside they filled with water, making the boat heavier to make her dive. All main vents open, MEO reported and the captain ordered to make the depth 20 meters back to 18 and trim the boat with dead slow ahead. When the boat was fully submerged the XO wanted all compartments to report for damages or leaks.

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