Recognizing ‘Excellence as Standard’


Author: Michelle Wilson
Offline Marketing Manager and Customer Experience Champion
Date of publication: 05.10.23

At Analox, when it comes to our customers, we believe in ‘excellence as standard’. As part of this year’s (2023) National Customer Service week, we recently hosted our People’s Choice Awards which helps to recognize and celebrate team members’ outstanding contributions to customer service, both internal and external.

The 2023 CX winners were announced to a full Stokesley HQ on Monday, with help from the promise of a very tasty finger buffet afterwards. Thanks to Bertie’s Bakes for putting on a great spread!

CX Awards 2023 1

The awards and the time devoted to enhancing CX (Customer Experience) at Analox serve as evidence of Analox’s dedication to upholding our values, and we remain committed to advancing this effort in 2024. So without further ado, here are our 2023 award winners…


2023 CX Award Winners are:

🏆 Service Excellence Ambassador Award

Lucy – Production Planner

Representing a commitment to service excellence. Lucy is a dynamic force at Analox, full of ideas and positivity and a total all rounder when it comes to displaying the Analox Values.


🏆 Lifetime Achievement in Customer Excellence Award

Paul – Systems Engineer

A special award for a long-serving employee with a consistent track record of excellence. Paul has high standards which he is happy to hold himself and others accountable to – but always in a helpful way.


🏆 Collaborative Champion Award

Debbie – Production Operative

Recognizing the individual who excels in promoting collaboration and a positive atmosphere within the team. Debbie is a positive person who goes above and beyond wherever she can. Her multitasking ability is second to none, often referred to as octopus arms as she can juggle a lot of tasks playing a pivotal part in the production team


🏆 Total Customer Commitment Award

Nathan – System Architect

Awarded to those who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the satisfaction of all customers. From bespoke project work to delivering white papers Nathan is a formidable character who offers unwavering assistance to all his customers.


🏆 Problem Solving Dynamo

Shane – Trainee Aftersales and Service Technician 

Awarded to the team member who consistently resolves customer issues. Determined and focussed, Shane is a keen team player who has a positive and pragmatic outlook in all of his work.


🏆 Internal Customer Advocate Award

David – IT Helpdesk Support

Recognizing those who excel in serving colleagues and internal teams. David is happy and personable and always solves any OT queries with a smile on his face.


🏆 Client Satisfaction Hero Award

Georgia – Sales Executive

Awarded to the staff member who consistently ensures high levels of customer satisfaction. Georgia is always dynamic in her role, going above and beyond what her customers ask for, she is always there with a helping hand and a smile.


🏆 Values Driven Leader Award

Chris – Hardware Team Lead

For the manager who leads by example and embodies the organization’s core values. Chris displays excellent people management skills and always does the right thing as a manager. 


🏆 Going the Extra Mile Award

Theresa – Sales Account Executive

For those who consistently go above and beyond expectations. Theresa is a positive driving force between the UK and US teams. Solution driven, she is always willing to go the extra mile to help her colleagues and her customers.


🏆 Customer Service Superstar Award

Our final award, the Customer Service Superstar, was voted for by the Analox Team. They were asked to vote for the person who displays all of the qualities for excellent customer support, and this year’s winner is ………. Tony! Tony, our Product and Process Support Engineer, works within the Production Team and some of the feedback received from his nominations included:

  • He always resolves my queries in a friendly and timely manner
  • Consistently achieves a high standard of work regardless of the task
  • Always willing to drop what he is doing to help around the business
  • Proactively looks for solutions
  • Helps to ease processes

Some amazing feedback for this year’s worthy winner 👏🏆


If you would like to work at a company that prioritizes customer excellence and awards those who do, then head over to our careers page!


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