‘Analox Asks’ Nathan about his career in tech!

Author: Michelle Wilson
Offline Marketing Manager
Date of publication: 11.05.20

Nathan QA

During Technology Day, we had the opportunity to sit down with Nathan, our System Architect, as he shared his journey into the world of technology.


What did you study at school/college/uni?

Electronics and Computer engineering.


What was your ideal job when you were at school?

Designing and building computer systems.


Why did you decide to opt for a career in technology?

I’ve always enjoyed taking things apart and figuring out how they work and how they go back together again (generally successfully).


How long have you been with Analox?

6 years with a small gap.


Describe a typical day in your job role?

A mixture of system build, design documentation, bid work and supporting the rest of the team.


What has been your most memorable moment working with technology?

Seeing our systems installed on multiple submarines around the world.


Give the readers an interesting fact about yourself?

In my spare time I coach trampolining at a local gymnastics club.


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