Charities for 2023

Author: Bob Ross
Group Digital Marketing Manager
Date of publication: 01.01.23

Analox are proud to announce our chosen charities for 2023!

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Analox has partnered with a variety of organizations over the years, both within our local community and assisting national charities, helping to raise awareness and much needed funds. This year is no different, We Remember Submariners and RFMA Gives are our chosen charities for the year! We’re honored to work with both charities and are looking forward to the fund raising activities throughout the year.

We Remember Submariners

We Remember Submariners (WRS) is a not-for-profit organization that has recently achieved status as a Registered Charity of England & Wales as of December 2017. Their main funding comes through donations, events and the sale of their unique annual memorial pins. 

Analox has been heavily involved in the submarine community for the last 32 years. These submariners will always have a special place in the hearts of those at Analox, which is why we are delighted to give our support to this beloved charity in 2023. 

We Remember Submariners host a range of activities using the raised funding, some of those include: 

  • Funding and laying wreaths at National Remembrance occasions
  • Funding wreaths for submarine memorials around the world, laid by WRS Members. These have been placed in countries all around the world, including the USA,  Singapore, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Malta and Spain.
  • Funding a wreath or donation in lieu, as specified by the Next of Kin for the funeral of all submariners (retired or serving) who have Crossed the Bar, which We Remember Submarines gets to know about.
  • Gifting special memorial pins to the immediate relatives of all deceased submariners. These pins are named ‘Moly’ Pins, in honor of the late Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux RN GM, and feature a wreath of red poppies with a single golden poppy in remembrance of each family’s individual loss. ‘Moly’ Pins cannot be purchased.
  • Donations, on a case-by-case basis, to dependent relatives of deceased submariners.

The list above is not exhaustive and by getting more funding/aid, allows for the charity to expand and gain new members every year. 

RFMA Gives

Our other charity choice for 2023 is RFMA (Restaurant Facility Management Association) Gives. RFMA Gives is a US based charity that selects a charitable shelter or kitchen that’s in need of repairs or remodelling. The first project was completed back in 2011 and each year since then, RFMA Gives pools the talents and resources of RFMA members and shares them with the chosen non-profit food service organization with the aim of making a significant difference in their ability to serve their community.

As Analox has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the beverage and hospitality industry for the last 30 years, this industry will always remain at the forefront of our thoughts and minds which is why we are thrilled to be part of the RFMA Gives for 2023. 

Analox will be attending the next RMFA Gives 2023 in September in Washington D.C. where we will be getting hands-on to help bring some community spirit back to the area. 

Supporting our local community

As well as being part of these two big charity campaigns, the Analox team will continue to do our local charity days. Each member of the Analox team is given one working day a year to dedicate their time to a charity. 

The team were very busy throughout 2022 with activities including helping to pave the Cleveland Way, hosting tombola’s and taking part in ‘Its a Knockout’, both in aid of Zoe’s place, hosting a MacMillan coffee morning, maintaining and upgrading a dog rescue center for Maxi Mates, entering a football tournament in aid of MFC Foundation and running two campaigns to help raise money for The Burnt Chef and The Giving Kitchen charities. We can’t wait to see where we can help out in 2023!

If you are a charity and need our help, please contact us and speak to our HR team to discuss how Analox can support you and your community.