20 years with IHC Hytech BV

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IHC Hytech BV are based in the Netherlands and have over 30 years experience within the diving and hyperbaric markets. Combining their extensive knowledge with strict safety compliance they supply equipment into both commercial and military applications.

Hytech and Analox have worked together on projects for a number of years, in fact 2 decades, with Hytech continuing to utilise various Analox analyzers within their systems.

One such analyzer is the ACG+ compressed breathing air monitor. Hytech have supplied this fixed gas analyzer to the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNN).

"It is good to work with Analox together on this and other projects because their knowledge on analyzers is based on a long experience. Their products are of the highest standard which matches the standard of our equipment too”

Robbert de Bie, IHC Hytech BV

Hytech Case Study Image

Both of the ACG units (image above) are fitted working on the RNN diving simulator for the air supply, ensuring the team controls the air out of the compressors. The ACG+ warns the team should any contaminants be detected in the breathing air supplied from the compressor.

Due to the performance of the ACG+, Hytech are currently working on another 15 ACG+ systems for the RNN who are wanting to check their air according to EN12010 legislation and plan to install ACG+ units to switch between various incoming lines.

Does your system adhere to EN12010?

We hope to bring you a follow up on how those units are installed in the future!

Click here for the ACG+ datasheet

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