Nitrogen Usage in Electronics Fabrication & Safety Requirements.

Protecting the process of electronic and mechanical manufacturing from oxidation using nitrogen (N2) ensures a high quality and reliable product, especially with hermetically sealed components. Nitrogen also reduces the amount of dross that is produced during soldering, in turn strengthening the solder.

Protecting employees, in these environments from dangerous nitrogen leaks is critical for their safety. If nitrogen or any other inert gas leaks, this will displace the oxygen (O2) creating a potentially life threatening environment. Placing O2 depletion monitors in these areas ensures employees are protected and are kept safe from harm.

Analox Group is a world leader in protecting people every day from dangerous inert gas leaks. Our AX60+ Multi-Gas Monitor detects oxygen depletion in these nitrogen environments and immediately alarms workers of the hazardous leak resulting in lives saved.

Repairman in gloves is soldering motherboard of computer device in workshop.

"N2 ensures a high quality & reliable product."

David Booth, Analox

The Ax60+ meets:

IFC, OSHA and EH40 Regulations require the monitoring of these dangerous inert gases. Our products meet all of these regulations and keep people safe, every single day.

Please contact Analox for these lifesaving monitors and our experienced team can guide you to the best solution. Our products are flexible and configurable to many different applications.

If you already use Analox products, we would love to hear feedback on them, please drop us an email

Closeup of electronic circuit board with CPU microchip electronic components background

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