Northern Enterprise Awards 2022


Analox Group strives to ‘keep the customer at the heart of everything’ as it consistently provides support to a myriad of businesses spanning many industries. Here we speak to Head of Marketing and Communications, Becca Dodds, as it wins this spectacular title in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022.


Beginning over 40 years ago, Analox Group has been pushing towards the team’s common goal of supporting industries such as commercial diving with sophisticated gas analysis systems. Since its beginning, over the last four decades, Analox Group has expanded to offer critical gas detection and analytical products used in varied markets such as defense, beverage and hospitality, agriculture, space exploration, and many more.


Head of Marketing and Communications, Becca Dodds, says, “Our goals are to support our people, our community and the planet, whilst doing what we do best: designing gas analysis systems to solve challenges and save lives every single day.”

“One of Analox’s long standing values is ‘We keep the customer at the heart of everything we do’. We try to live by that as much as possible in all aspects of the customer journey. From the creation of our products to the after sales support.”

As a global leader in research, development, and manufacturing of gas sensing products, Analox Group has had the ability to get through even the toughest of times. Even in the face of adversity, Analox Group has done all it can to stay on top of its game. When the pandemic brought a sea of tumult, Analox Group continued to operate, Becca says, “The systems we design and manufacture for submarines are used for national security so it was critical we adapted to the challenges posed by the pandemic in order to ensure continuity of supply to our defence customers” Supply chain issues are still causing the industry some difficulties, but as a whole, it is now improving as the pandemic fades into the past.

There have been emerging trends within the industry regarding capturing and reusing carbon dioxide (carbon capture) which will allow for a huge reduction in overall emissions of carbon dioxide.


“Companies, such as Brewdog, are now investing more and more into this and with great added benefit to the environment. Analox are currently developing a state of the art analyser specifically to aid with carbon capture and CO2 purification.”

With more of these projects being funded around the globe, Analox Group’s work is absolutely invaluable – supplying the space industry in the US and the government’s National Space Strategy in the UK, Analox Group is staying on trend and helping some of the most complex industries out there.

The family feel of the business is helping Analox Group to flourish as a team and, with such a strong network, it is spreading around the world at an exponential rate.

“We will be opening and launching our brand new site in France next year. This will give us an extended presence in Europe and allow for better trading opportunities. We are also investigating other territories such as Canada in order to help us to serve North America and its surrounding neighbours more effectively.”

Having just won Most Customer Centric Gas Detection Products Manufacturer 2022, Analox Group will go on to help even more people as it gains the recognition that it deserves.

Commenting on its wild success, Becca says, “We are delighted to have been awarded the ‘Most Customer Centric Gas Detection Products Manufacturer 2022’. This highlights our dedication to our customers and our promise to always strive to do our best for both internal and external customers. Our dedication to customer centricity has also been noticed by the Institute of Customer
Service (ICS). We’re proud to announce that we are a 2022 award finalists, and have been nominated for the SME Customer Focus award for the second year running.”

Keeping people safe from harm for 40 years, Analox Group always has time for new and existing customers, as well as the two branches, Analox also have an emergency out of hours helpline that customers can call 24/7/365. So, if you have a gas sensing challenge to solve or would like some safety advice, why not give Analox Group a call today?


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