Local municipalities and government agencies worldwide have instituted standard practices and regulations designed to protect workers in almost every working environment. One of the most talked about requirements is the installation of carbon dioxide (CO2) testing and monitoring devices.

The Analox A50 carbon dioxide detector is a fixed CO2 monitoring device that is simple to install, operate and keep employees protected from the potential dangers of increased CO2 exposure in the workplace.

The A50 is designed to be mounted on a wall in a confined area that is being monitored. The unit scans for ambient levels of CO2 and sounds both audible and visual alarm warnings when elevated levels of carbon dioxide are detected.

Optional extras include:

  • Additional remote repeaters for multiple entrances
  • Splash guard to help prevent water ingress (same one used on the Ax60+)
  • Quick Connect+

*May not be compliant in the USA.

Key Features

  • Main unit which houses the carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor
  • 1 x Remote alarm repeater
  • Audible & Visual alarms
  • Quick connect or direct connect installation options
  • 5 year electronics warranty
  • 5 year sensor warranty
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CO2 monitoring with the A50

Like all Analox gas monitoring systems, the A50 is easy to install, provides reliable monitoring of the target gas (CO2) and delivers reliable protection from workers in areas susceptible to CO2 leaks or contamination.

The A50 utilizes state-of-the-art NDIR infrared technology to detect carbon dioxide in an enclosed area.

A50 Legislation

We are committed to helping you achieve your local and application specific legislation.

The Analox A50 CO2 detector is built with local standards and requirements in mind. The A50 meets European legislation such as EH40 and it also meets NIOSH TWA standards.

Low Profile

The low profile wall mounted unit includes a compact sensor and alarm repeater assembly package. The powerful monitoring combination is compact and designed to operate without taking up vital wall space.

There are audible and visual alarms which are set to trigger at 0.5% (5,000 ppm) time weighted average (TWA) which is the recommended long term exposure limit measured over 8 hours.

Optional Extras & Accessories

The A50 is easy to install and operate. Each unit is ready to use out of the box using the supplied cables and positioning template. Simply mount the unit in a desired location and plug the power cord into a nearby outlet to provide instant protection from CO2 leaks. We do offer some useful accessories to accompany your A50.


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