Ax60+ CO sensor
Ax60+ CO sensor diagram
Ax60+ CO sensor
Ax60+ CO sensor diagram

AX60+ CO


The Ax60+ CO protects users in plant rooms, parking garages and anywhere that carbon monoxide can collect. The Ax60+ CO also can be used for online cylinder filling, to protect divers from compressed air contaminated with carbon monoxide related to compressor maintenance or contamination at the compressor inlet.

The Ax60+ CO benefits from the ability to operate as a single sensor and alarm or as part of a system of up to 4 sensors. Each system can also be composed of Ax60+: O2 sensors and Ax60+ CO2 sensors so it can fulfil multiple application needs.

Key Features

  • Ambient CO monitoring
  • Online CO monitoring
  • Can be used with Nitrogen (N2) background gasses or, with calibration, can be used with Helium (He) background gasses
  • Has up to 3 user configurable alarms
  • Can operate as a stand alone sensor or as part of a larger system
  • Compatible with the rest of the Ax60+ range
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