Analox Ax60+ Data Output Module
Analox Ax60+ Data Output Module Dimensions
Analox Ax60+ Data Output Module
Analox Ax60+ Data Output Module Dimensions

Ax60+ DOM


The Ax60+ Data Output Module, the perfect accessory to help you provide real time monitoring of your Ax60+ system.

Key Features:

  • A 4-20mA signal for each connected sensor (up to four)
  • Digital RS485 MODBUS RTU Communications
  • Simple installation & setup and it is easily retrofitted to existing Ax60+ installations
  • Up to 16 Ax60+ DOMS can be digitally networked supporting up to 64 sensors
  • Number of analogue outputs: 4
  • Output load capability: 500 ohms max loop resistance per output
  • Analogue output type: active 4-20mA per output
  • Digital output: RS-485
  • Comms protocol: Modbus RTU
  • Mounting: wall mounted as per sensor
  • Certification: CE & IEC 61010-1 (UL) plus Australian AS5034-2005
  • Warranty: 2 years


The DOM can be retro fitted to any existing Ax60+ installations.

The Data Output Module can be used to interface an Ax60+ system into your BMS, providing live readings via RS485 MODBUS RTU or up to 4 independent 4-20mA current loop signals.

Because the DOM provides industry standard analog and digital outputs, many systems (with features such as data logging) will be compatible, enabling you to conduct after-incident reviews or trend analysis. Additionally, these systems can give real-time indication of any readings or alarm conditions measured by the Ax60+.

Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems are integral to the control of the building’s environment. The BMS can automatically take action, based on sensor inputs, eliminating the risk of human error. For example, in the case of a Gas Leak, the system would ventilate the area, isolate gas supply, close interleading doors and notify the necessary authorities, all of this, without human intervention or wasted time.

Without the DOM providing the link from the Ax60+ to the BMS, the building management system could unknowingly move contaminated air into inhabited areas, or automatically turn off ventilation in rooms with high levels of contaminated air.

The BMS is usually the first port of call for all building environmental management. Integrating the Ax60+ System to your BMS reduces the risk to health, increases emergency response time, and can inform the treatment of casualties.


The DOM converts the Ax60+ gas sensor readings into industry standard analog signals which are suitable for interfacing with many commercially available systems.

When the analog levels are 4mA, the equivalent gas level is classed as 0% of the sensor’s range. At 20mA the equivalent gas level is classed as 100% of the sensor’s full scale. Equivalent gas levels can be calculated by taking measured analog signals and scaling them as a proportion of their full scale readings. The DOM can therefore be used to communicate gas levels measured by the Ax60+ sensor units to external systems.

The DOM is a simple to install, industry standard communication method for communicating sensor readings to remote locations. It has 4 channels (1 per sensor), can transmit gas levels and offers fault diagnostics (e.g. Sensor 1 is in fault).


This industry-standard interface can be used with digital building management systems and allows for advanced and more detailed information on the operational state of the Ax60+ system.

The system status information the DOM makes available includes;

• Whether sensors are in alarm

• What level the alarms are at (TWA, high and high high in the case of CO2)

• The system’s operational status

• The gas level detected by each of the sensors.

For larger installations or sites with multiple Ax60+ systems up to 16 data output modules can be networked together and connected to the building management system meaning a single channel on a BMS can be used to monitor up to 64 sensor units!

Both 4-20 mA outputs and Modbus RTU interface can easily and quickly be connected to a compatible device or system, providing a remote visual indication of measured gas levels. The DOM is a self contained unit that can be connected through CAT 5 cable.

Once integrated into your system, the DOM’s digital communications allow for remote monitoring and in depth trend analysis of monitored gasses.

• Transmits gas levels (e.g. 5000ppm CO2)

• Transmits alarm status (e.g. AL2 Triggered)

• Transmits fault status (e.g Sensor 2 is in fault)

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