The Sub Mk3P, a continuous gas monitor made by Analox
Sub Mk3P
The Sub Mk3P, a continuous gas monitor made by Analox
Sub Mk3P

Sub Mk3P


The intuitive, life-saving Sub Mk3P decision-making tool is the only continuous gas monitor currently available that meets the NATO STANAG 1476:2014 standards (ANEP/MNEP-86).

Key Features

  • Proven hyperbaric sensing capability
  • You have the ability to change sensors and maintain the unit in the dockyard, reducing costs and downtime
  • Backlit display for low/no light situations
  • Portable and lightweight making it easy to use around the submarine
  • Externally accessible batteries making for more convenient and safer changing
  • MODBUS RTU over RS485 digital communications, allowing for easy incorporation into your existing platform management system, including JANUS enabled underwater communication networks

Industries that use the Sub Mk3P for atmosphere monitoring

The Analox Group has been working with the submarine community since 1997. Since that time, Analox gas monitoring solutions have set new standards for safety, reliability and accuracy in this highly demanding market. As part of the company’s commitment to the safety of submariners worldwide, Analox expanded its product line to include a unique product dedicated to the safety and survival of servicemen aboard submarines.

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Submarine Escape and Rescue

CO2 monitoring & O2 monitoring with the Sub Mk3P

Enhanced digital display units have been upgraded to allow for individual customisation and better readability for O2, CO2, pressure, temperature and humidity measurements at depth. Further, automatic backlighting helps ensure readability even in low light and no-light conditions.

Sub Mk3P Legislation

The Sub Mk3P is an intuitive life saving, decision making tool and is the only continuous gas monitor which meets the requirements of NATO STANAG 1476:2014 (ANEP/MNEP-86)


NATO Stock Numbers

Sub Mk3P, 4000-0202-0001– 6630-99-168-8862
Sub Mk3P, 4000-0202-0002 – 6630-99-891-1641
Sub Mk3P, 4000-0202-0003 – 6630-99-676-3337
Sub Mk3P, 4000-0202-0004 – 6630-99-979-5009
Pressure tested D cells, 2557 4625 – 6135-008357210

Next generation

The Sub Mk3P was launched in 2021 and is the next generation of the widely successful Sub MkIIP DISSUB Decision Making Tool that is currently being used to keep submariners safe aboard dozens of submarine fleets deployed around the world. Like the Sub MkIIP, the Sub Mk3P monitors oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), depth, pressure and elapsed time – key factors to know in an emergency situation.

In addition to these important analytical tools, the Sub Mk3P also allows the added flexibility of local unit maintenance and sensor replacement.

Fully user maintainable

The unit is now fully user maintainable in country meaning that maintenance staff can now perform routine service procedures along with sensor updates or replacement while the submarine is still at the dockyard. This greatly reduces costs and downtime for the vessels.

Underwater comms

The Sub Mk3P also features the industry standard MODBUS RTU over RS485 digital communications system. This allows for easy incorporation into existing platform management systems, including JANUS enabled underwater communication networks. By utilising this feature, the officer in charge can transmit the atmospheric conditions to the SPAG (Submarine Parachute Assistance Group) and rescue teams giving them the critical information they need to determine the best rescue plan in a DISSUB event.

Functional improvements

The Sub Mk3P was designed with extensive input from submarine designers and actual crew members. The unit now comes in a highly recognisable international orange housing which is the standard colour for DISSUB-related equipment. This makes the Sub Mk3P very easy to identify in the case of an emergency.

Analox designers have also enhanced the power functions of the Sub Mk3P so the unit automatically uses external power by default. In the past, the power source needed to be manually selected. Now, the external power is automatically engaged and battery power is only activated in the event of a power failure or emergency situation. This function helps preserve vital battery power for critical situations.

Battery replacement made easy

The battery compartment itself has also been updated making it easier than ever for replacement and servicing. The batteries may be accessed from the outside of the unit, eliminating the potential of damage to the internal components. Battery replacements can be done at any time – reducing the need for costly delays while a vessel is in port.

Upgraded storage

Should a DISSUB situation arise, information and data are critical. The SubMk3P offers continuous data logging that records all of the submarine’s vital information. That information is stored on a removable SD flash card that can be easily removed, helping to save vital physical space in the event of a submarine evacuation.

Trusted units

Using Analox’s own exclusive hyperbaric sensing technology to monitor O2, CO2, depth, pressure, temperature and humidity, Sub MkIIP and Sub Mk3P units are currently in service with more than 20 international submarine operating nations. The Analox standards and testing process confirms each unit has undergone an extensive manufacturing and testing process prior to installation. This ensures accuracy and reliability every time.

With training and support by Analox, decision-makers have total control over all of the assets. However, those who prefer to continue returning units to Analox for service and sensor replacements, still have that option available. The Analox after-sales team is poised to assist and ensure units are submarine ready.

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