Safety Gear Store Case Study

For more than six years Analox has been working with Safety Gear Store (SGS), providing them with our reliable gas safety analyzers.

Safety Gear Store, a renowned specialist in safety equipment including confined spaces, height safety, and gas detection solutions, prides itself on delivering the highest quality products to its clients. As a testament to this commitment, SGS has seamlessly integrated Analox gas monitors into its comprehensive product portfolio.

Today, we talked with Clive French, Sales Director at Safety Gear Store to gain deeper insights into the company and its long lasting partnership with Analox.


Hello, Clive. Thank you for taking the time to chat with Analox today. Could you give us some background information about Safety Gear Store and explain your role in the company?


Safety Gear Store Ltd is a leading supplier of a wide range of specialist safety equipment. It was founded in 2012 by Neil Beardmore and was initially driven by Neil’s passion for Climbing and Height Safety. Gradually over the years the product range has expanded to include specialist marine equipment, confined space equipment, gas detection and much more.

My role as the Sales Director is varied, I work alongside a great team that work on projects, which can be local one day to worldwide the next. I still like getting involved in the day to day running of the business, discovering where our products find uses in many different markets and applications, and I take pleasure in providing solutions to our customers’ needs.

I also work with new suppliers and enjoy the challenge of introducing new products to the market, as well as people management, organizing events and the day to day running of Safety Gear Store.


Could you share how your collaboration with Analox began, and do you have any memorable moments along the way?

I have known Matt Lambert, our account manager, for over 10 years (from previous roles). I have always appreciated his open and honest approach. It was only when I started work at Safety Gear Store that Matt approached me and suggested that we should consider selling the range of Analox products.

 In the past I had made connections with several potential Analox customers, these turned into great success stories so it was a pleasure to pick up where I had left off.


It’s great to hear you about your relationship with Matt after working with him for so long. Could you tell us which Analox products Matt helps SGS supply?

We mainly supply the Ax60+, the Ax60 Kiosk and the A50 CO2 units. We have worked with a number of customers such as Disney, Royal Birmingham Ballet, Football teams, Golf courses, University’s, Arenas and pub/restaurant chains. Nearly all of these customers required CO2 ambient safety detection, with the exception of a couple of universities who required safety monitoring for both CO2 and O2.


Your list of customers is impressive! What reasons would you give to recommend Analox to other suppliers? 

Analox have always supported Safety Gear Store with technical advice and service, it’s more than just the product Analox offers, it’s the team that is behind it. I always make the effort to meet up with our account manager whenever I can, we support each other with new and existing work and discuss the challenges at the time. I really like the Analox products that we sell. They are user-friendly, low-maintenance, and straightforward to install. The price of these units is both reasonable and offers excellent value for money.


That’s excellent to hear. Thank you for your time today and for sharing such valuable insights into Safety Gear Store. Is there anything else you’d like to add or share?

At Safety Gear Store, we not only sell Analox analyzers but also provide installation, servicing, and maintenance for the units we offer. Our commitment is to provide customers with a comprehensive support experience throughout our partnership.


Safety Gear Store details


Call: 0800 678 5708

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