Ax60+ Cultivate is a grow house solution
Ax60+ Cultivate is a grow house solution
Ax60+ Cultivate
Ax60+ Cultivate is a grow house solution
Ax60+ Cultivate is a grow house solution
Ax60+ Cultivate

AX60+ Cultivate


The Ax60+ Cultivate is the definitive solution for safeguarding indoor agriculture spaces, prioritizing CO2 safety in settings like vertical farms, greenhouses, and cannabis cultivation facilities.

Elevate your indoor agriculture journey with the Ax60+ Cultivate. Enhance safety, empower your staff, and explore a new horizon of CO2 monitoring today.

  • Proprietary NDIR infrared CO2 sensor with 40 second warmup time
  • Measurement range of 0-5% CO2
  • Modular system supports 1-4 sensors and up to 4 alarm units per sensor
  • 5 year warranty on sensors and electronics
  • Available as quick connect plug and direct connect
  • Durable IP55 rated water-resistant enclosures
  • 24V power supply versions available for low voltage operation
  • Default preset but customizable alarm setpoints
  • Retrofits with existing Ax60+ systems

CO2 Monitoring With the AX60+ Cultivate

The Ax60+ Cultivate prioritizes CO2 safety in indoor agriculture, reflecting our deep commitment to staff well-being. Whether in a bustling vertical farm or a cannabis facility, this advanced monitor ensures CO2 levels align with secure limits, safeguarding your team.

At the heart of this safety assurance lies our proprietary NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) sensor technology, harnessed by the Ax60+ Cultivate. This innovation guarantees precise CO2 measurement, setting a new standard for reliability.

Designed for versatility, the monitor accommodates 1 to 4 sensors per system, with up to 4 alarm units per sensor. This flexibility ensures comprehensive coverage, adapting to the needs of extensive indoor grow operations.

Complementing its features, the Ax60+ Cultivate offers a 5-year warranty for sensors and electronics. It’s a dependable high-performance solution, assuring staff safety from potential CO2 exposure risks. In the space of indoor agriculture, the Ax60+ Cultivate shines as a beacon of safety, precision, and dependability. Elevate CO2 safety with a monitor that sets new standards and prioritizes your team’s well-being. Cultivate with confidence, powered by the Ax60+ Cultivate.

Industries who can use the Ax60+ Cultivate for CO2 safety

agriculture sector icon


Vertical Farming, Greenhouses, Indoor Farms, Indoor Cannabis Farms, Plant Nurseries

Scalable Solutions for Your Indoor Farming Gas Safety Needs

Should your needs go beyond a single Cultivate sensor or if your business envisions future growth, the Ax60+ Modular System offers an optimal expansion solution for your indoor farming gas safety configuration. Click the tabs below to view the extra units.

Legislation / Standards

The Ax60+ Cultivate caters to the intricate safety needs and regulations set by local, state, and federal authorities. Specifically optimized for indoor agriculture such as vertical farming, greenhouses and indoor cannabis farms, the Ax60+ Cultivate is finely tuned to adhere to rigorous USA standards such as OSHA, NBIC, NFPA, and IFC. This integration seamlessly complies with key USA regulations (NFPA 55, IFC, NBIC, OSHA, NIOSH), ensuring top-tier safety within the vertical farming domain.

Optional Extras & Accessories

The flexibility of the Ax60+ modular system enables it to effortlessly meet a wide range of individual customer requirements in the indoor agriculture sector. 

Among the myriad options available, a variety of sensors, alarms, and strobes can be effortlessly linked to a single CDU (central display unit). This inclusive selection extends to optional additions like a beacon, a gas shut off valve, and the vital DOM (Data Output Module).

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