Submarine Atmospheres

Whole Boat Primary & Secondary Atmosphere Monitoring

Submarine Escape & Rescue

Emergency Atmosphere Monitoring, DISSUB, Damage Control

Diving & Surface Ships

Gas Monitoring for Dedicated Ship Systems

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THIS IS What we do

Since 1981 Analox have been proudly designing, manufacturing and supporting specialist life supporting sensor systems and capabilities for extreme pressure environments – literally.

We have become a pioneering leader and international supplier of atmosphere monitors to the military sector, with more than half of the world’s submarine nations trusting innovative Analox technology to protect their most precious assets; their people, against one common enemy… THE DEEP.

We take pride in building long term mutually beneficial relationships with customers built on honesty and trust. We are a proven partner in the design
support of mission control gas analysis systems for some of the world’s most complex engineering projects with specialist, dedicated and passionate people.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities extend from custom one off product solutions and system through to high volume production. we offer full ‘cradle to grave’ through life integrated product support and obsolescence management that can span decades.

We also have a rich heritage of experience for complex engineering projects and support the process of integration of a capability from initial concept to design through manufacturing and delivery acceptance. Our projects teams take great
care in proactive and detailed communication to support customers through to satisfactory completion.


Our products & systems are in service in many of the world’s hyperbaric chambers, submersibles, rescue vehicles, breathing systems and saturation dive complexes.

These are always designed with the operator in mind; simple-to-use, have commonality of parts, maintainable in country, are extremely robust, reliable and provide critical data that supports vital decision making.

We are Analox, we deal with pressure every day.

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Armoured Vehicles

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Defence Contractor


Atmosphere Monitoring for the Most Challenging Environments


Proven in use Atmospheric Monitors


Live Saving Gas Detection

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