Emergency Atmosphere Monitoring: DISSUB, Damage Control

In the early 1990s Analox produced its first hyperbaric continuous real-time air analyser for submarine escape and rescue — the Sub E-IR15P.

This unit was designed to provide critical information on the state of the distressed submarine (DISSUB) atmosphere to the senior survivor and crew.

The Sub E-IR15P was supplied to the Royal Navy for use in British submarine escape compartments.

In 2000, Analox proudly welcomed the successor to the Sub E-IR15P, the Sub MkIIP.

The Sub MkIIP was tested extensively in both DISSUB and Survivex exercises with successful outcomes. Many hundreds of units are now in service in more than 20 nations including the UK, Canada, USA, Norway, Australia, France, Brazil, Italy and the Netherlands.

Sub MkIIPs are supplied both directly by Analox and via specialist submarine builders such as TKMS (Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems) & Naval Group. Sub MkIIPs can operate over 0.8 to 10 bar absolute pressure, temperatures of 0°C to 40°C, and humidities over 95% RH and fully compliant with the EMC requirements of DEF STAN 59-411.


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That the Sub MkIIP has now been replaced by the Sub Mk3P, click the link below to find out more:

In 2005 Analox was chosen by Rolls Royce to design, manufacture and supply specialist IEC61508 SIL 2-compliant atmosphere monitoring and control systems for the NATO SRS.




Flexible Submarine Atmosphere Monitor


SDA Range

Options for: O2, CO2, CO, He,
Depth & Temperature & Humidity


Sub Mk3P

Continuous Gas Monitor for
a DISSUB Situation

The submarine rescue vehicle (SRV) monitoring system included:

Operator Consoles
connected to six remote sensor units within the pilot and rescue compartments
Control Console
connected to three remote sensor control units for the purpose of oxygen control within the vehicle
Repeater Unit
to relay the conditions in the pilot compartment to the rescue chamber
Toxic Gas Monitor (TGM) designed to check the quality of the DISSUB atmosphere prior to the SRV mating with the submarine

The associated transfer under pressure (TUP) system included:

Operator Consoles
connected to 15 remote sensor monitoring units
Control Consoles
connected to 5 remote sensor control units

sub mkiiiF


Flexible Submarine Atmosphere Monitor

- Can connect to 3 REM units allowing for a greater degree of flexibility
- Audio and visual alarms ensuring you are notified of a potential issue
- Configured to meet your specific requirements

SDA range


A Comprehensive Range of Diving Analysers

Analox’s comprehensive range of diving analysers with options for:
- Oxygen (O2)
- Carbon dioxide (CO2)
- Carbon monoxide (CO)
- Helium (He)
- Depth and Temperature and Humidity designed specifically for decompression chambers, diving bells and diver gas delivery.

Sub mk3p


Portable DISSUB Analyser

- The only continuous gas monitor currently available that meets the NATO STANAG 1476:2014 standards (ANEP/MNEP-86)
- Provides crucial information to the senior survivor about the state of the atmosphere inside the submarine during a time of crisis.
- Proven hyperbaric sensing capability
- Ability to change sensors and maintain the unit in the dockyard, reducing costs and downtime
- Removable SD card helping to save vital physical space in the event of a submarine evacuation

Project Experience

US-Navy-DSRV-Mystic—add-credit-tex1t (1)


Deep-Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV) Mystic

Analox designed and manufactured a partial pressure CO2 sensor module for the US Navy’s
DSRV Mystic, due to the obsolescence of their existing CO2 sensor. This forced a redesign of
the system in which Analox worked within the constraints of the vehicle architecture in
terms of its size, weight, power and communications interface.

Submarine Rescue Diving Recompression System (SRDRS)

Analox provided bespoke atmosphere monitoring for the new US Navy submarine rescue
system, the SRDRS. The monitoring system was built to monitor the atmosphere in the
SRDRS PRM (pressurised rescue module) and the emergency built-in breathing system (BIBS)

It comprised two main monitoring systems and two fully independent back-up systems.

The PRM was later successfully mated with a Russian submarine (Alrosa) during the NATO
Bold Monarch exercise in May 2011. Analox’s through-life support continues to exceed the
requirements of the annual quality assurance inspections conducted by Phoenix International,
the US Navy Prime Contractor.

US-Navy-DSRV-Mystic—5 (1)


Analox designed, manufactured and supplied atmosphere monitoring systems to the JMSDF for both their SRVs Chihaya and Chiyoda and their research submarine, Shinkai 6500.

After approximately 10 years of service Analox upgraded these systems with Mk2 versions which use our intelligent hyperbaric sensors.

This equipment is based on a modular design which can be supported and maintained in Japan, a first for a hyperbaric system.

The Mk2 fits in the same space as the Mk1 version and uses the same mechanical and electrical interfaces.


Atmosphere Monitoring for the Most Challenging Environments


Proven in use Atmospheric Monitors


Live Saving Gas Detection

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